The upside-down approach to financial planning

financial planning

By the time we have crossed the 50-year threshold and are left with limited years of earning, we are almost done repaying our existing loans. Retirement planning thus never comes into the equation and we are left with no choice but to depend on others during the most vulnerable years of our lives.

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Bird’s eye view of India Inc.’s performance in Q1 2020


With 493 of the BSE 500 companies having shared their results till date, we’ve done a quick review of how the corporate sector has fared. A look at the big picture reveals that the overall universe of companies has managed to grow its revenue by 7.4% YoY, while the overall EBITDA grew at a YoY rate of 4.6%

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Ventura’s tryst with India’s untapped potential

The Ventura Partner Program enables financial missionaries from various walks of life (particularly those who seek to empower their entire network of people with investment opportunities) to grow, through a Lifetime opportunity of Learning & Earning*!

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Evolution of Clearing & Settlement Systems in India

Clearing & Settlement

Thanks to technology and various supporting policy initiatives by SEBI and other regulatory bodies, today we have a sophisticated system in place that effortlessly supports the colossal increase in trading volumes.

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Silver starts to sparkle


Over the past two months, Comex Silver rallied more than 11%, mainly supported by the fed interest rate cut, geopolitical tensions and a slowdown in the global economy. This and other indicators lead us to believe that silver is going to outperform in the coming months.

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Should the promoter’s percentage of pledged shares impact your buy or sell decision?

Pledging of shares

SEBI’s intervention by asking promoters to disclose the reason for pledging is very positive, as it would enable investors to make more informed decisions. Also, it will require promoters to be more disciplined in their investment decisions.

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