Your survival guide for the era of negative real interest rates

Interest Rates

Flattening of the curve—a heartening sight. Flattening of wallets? Your expression sums it up! It seems, as much we need to learn to live with the virus, we must also brace ourselves to live with lower interest rates.

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Recovery may be underway; but markets might be reflecting it already

The revival might be underway and as the earnings season progresses the shape of the recovery curve will become clearer.

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Can L&T go back to its old glory days?

Some companies may show a depressed stock market performance but their track-record and the integrated value of their businesses tells you an entirely different story. Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is one such company.

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6 essentials of a long-term equity portfolio

Bluechip companies benefit disproportionately as a country prospers. However, smaller yet well-managed companies also stand to gain in the process of economic growth.

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Be bold with fashion not with valuation!

Going purely by current valuations, it seems markets are still betting on dominant players operating in the premium segments. We thought of comparing two companies each from two areas where consumer spending is relatively inelastic—innerwear and footwear.

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Is it time now to move out of liquid funds?

Liquid funds have always been considered an excellent option to park contingency funds as they provide requisite safety and liquidity to investments. But things have changed and the returns from liquid funds have fallen significantly.

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