15 potential multibaggers of Atmanirbhar Bharat

Some manufacturing companies that belong to sectors where India has demonstrated its capabilities already, specialty chemicals for instance, are still too small. They may attract global investors if they continue to grow and demonstrate good governance.

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In Conversation with Ritesh Jain

Negative real rates always lead to money moving into real assets, including precious metals and real estate. There can’t be a better environment than today to be a leveraged borrower to invest in real estate opines Ritesh Jain.

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Are Credit Risk Funds still a risk worthy investment?

In the current turmoil, it is very tough to predict when the credit environment will become stable. Therefore, a lay investor should not invest in this category for at least the next 6 months. They should look at this category only when the economic condition becomes more favourable.

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Markets test positive! Asymptomatic.


When stock prices reflect an expectation build up and companies fail to deliver on the anticipated lines, markets tend to get edgy. If the sentiment is lopsided, like it appears at present, markets just need an excuse to take corrective action.

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Two wheeler stocks: In the fast lane without a helmet?

Two Wheelers

Against the 2W registrations of 10.31 lakhs in September, companies stuffed 18.3 lakh units with their dealers. One could argue that this was an inventory built-up for the festive session. Well, this theory doesn’t hold much ground.

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Q2FY21 earnings update: Building blocks of cement stocks


Amidst IT and Pharma assuming the centre stage, a few old economy businesses are making a smart comeback—cement companies, for instance. In fact, some of the leading cement companies, such as UltraTech, ACC and Ambuja, which declared their Q2FY21 numbers early this week have been making the rounds for a while now.

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