Omicron exposes cracks in the markets; should you buy the dip?

A dramatic sell-off in the last week suggests that the markets are worried about two important factors—economic growth and corporate profitability.

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Gold has underperformed Bitcoin but is a reversal on the cards?

Any synchronized action by multiple governments across the world to regulate cryptos might be a huge sentiment dampener. Against that, gold is free from any such potential action.

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Are chemical stocks a good buy at this juncture?

We have written about chemical companies on numerous occasions over the last 12-14 months. We thought it’s a good time to do a follow-up story,

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Is value the new mantra for portfolio growth?

Growth Stocks

Time to take value investing seriously? The one word answer is, yes! But when you think of value, you should treat it more like a 3D object than a 2D one. Read this article to know more about this concept.

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Are IPOs for listing gains only? Our research team thinks otherwise

Neither all newly listed stocks witness runaway rallies and nor do we suggest you chase them post listing. But why not take a fresh look once the listing fever recedes? Our research team is doing exactly that nowadays.

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Diwali = Laxmi Puja = Wealth Creation

Diwali has many mythological stories associated with it, the most popular being the celebration of Lord Ram’s return from his 14 years of exile. I am sure, we all can learn a lesson or two from this.

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