How will the interoperability of clearing corporations affect traders?

Clearing Corporation

Traders will have a convenience of their position on an intraday basis without bothering about which exchange they have bought or sold at the time of closing the trade.

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What’s making gold sparkle this time?

Comex Gold chart reveals that the price has formed an ‘Inverted Head and Shoulder pattern’. The price has broken the neckline on a monthly basis and can be expected to march north towards around 1670/1680 dollars in the coming months.

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The Damocles sword of public float?


The recent Union Budget FY2019 has in a way set the cat among the pigeons with a proposal to raise the minimum public float from 25% to 35%. There are around 1660 listed entities (on BSE/NSE) having promoter shareholding of more than 65%.

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Feel no guilt with gilt funds…

Gilt Funds

Before you jump the gun and put your money in gilt funds it’s time to assess the potential of gilt funds more closely.

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Does Sabka Vikas imply Budget Jhakaas?


Through Modi 1.0, markets witnessed the strongest P/E expansion in an electoral cycle despite a sub-par earnings growth trajectory of just 4.5%, that too with two years of degrowth. The onus, then, is on the FM to convince investors that the transition in Modi 2.0 from strategy & plan to actual implementation (Read: Big Social Spend!) is being executed in a prudent, calibrated manner.

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