World’s Smallest Cellphone Charger!

Smallest Charger by Kickstarter

A cellphone charger claiming to be the “world’s smallest” aims to save users in a pinch when their battery is dying.

Comparable to a quarter in size, the Fuel Micro Charger is designed to provide 20 to 30 minutes of extra talk time, or up to a few hours more while on standby.

Massachusetts-based creators Devotec Industries says it’s “perfect for when you have had an unexpected delay, or haven’t been able to fully charge your phone, and need to make a few calls, send a work email or use your GPS and maps function to find your way home.”

To use the Fuel, users just turn on the power switch, and plug it into their phone, which will begin charging immediately.

Measuring 1.3 inches by 0.9 inches by 0.5 inches, creators say they believe the device is the world’s smallest cellphone charger. The Fuel can fit on a keyring or in a small pocket.

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