The whole thing is that ke bhaiya there’s no bluff about rupaiya

There is a constant debate on the relationship between ‘Money’ and ‘Happiness’. Some people say ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ and then others reply, ‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping…’

But on a more serious note, there have been various studies in psychology and economics that have tried to gauge how people perceive these two necessities of life, if we may call them that.

With our distinct leaning towards our tagline #KyonkiBhaiyaSabseBadaRupaiya, we went on our own little quest to discover what people think about money and happiness by conducting a series of 13 quirky polls that pitted various money-centric choices (spending, saving, winning lotteries, getting bonuses, playing casinos, etc.) against emotional avatars of happiness (togetherness, leisure, success, spirituality, etc.). Over a span of two weeks, we engaged over 3.5K participants through these daily polls, which ran across social media platforms.

Some of the findings surprised us, others amused us and the entire exercise just led us to believe that while happiness in various forms is certainly important, money matters…a lot… Kyonki Bhaiya Sabse Bada Rupaiya? See for yourself…

Saving for future parties…Not bad!



Malamal weekly?

Work Oppor.jpg

So many people like Radhey of Wanted, who said “Mae sirf moneybhai ke liye kaam karta hu”!



Ma ke haat ka Khanna still scores over the menu of 5-star hotel. (Good signs)



No to a (5) million dollar question?! What just happened there?

25 pe naukri.jpgHalf our respondents seem to believe Zindagi Na Milige Dobara…


Cautious indulgence….


 Zindagi Na Milege Dobara…again!


Company matters…


Possessions vs experience: a never-ending battle…

Spirituality is the new mantra but more people still want to paint the town red until the colour dries up…

Happiness is a plant that gives you shade, of which money is the seed.

Perhaps it depends on whether success gives you joy!









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  1. Satish d. Gokhale says:

    Very informative and interesting article.Those who are active in share market and doing forward trading, for them it is a good insight. Satishmama

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