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Silver Shines Bright on a One to Two Year Horizon say our Analysts

During the 2008 global financial crisis, interest rates were near zero levels and soon after, between 2009 and 2011, the price of silver shot up. This time too, US interest rates are close to zero; we can expect silver to run up over the next one to two years.

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Are gold prices due for a near term correction?


Activity in gold has spiked and the concern for both investors and those who seek to buy physical gold is whether this rally will sustain or experience a correction sometime soon…

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Should Gold Investment be a Permanent Part of Your Portfolio

Historically, it is observed that the value of gold increases during uncertain times; for eg: war situations, geopolitical tensions, financial crisis or any pandemic crisis. That is why it is also often termed as a ‘Crisis Commodity’.

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Tailwinds for Agri commodity prices in the time of Covid-19

Agri commodity prices

Going forward, lower interest rates and global stimulus package will drive agri-commodity prices north wards.

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Will the Rain Gods smile on India during its battle with Covid19?


ENSO-neutral conditions are prevailing over the equatorial Pacific and neutral IOD conditions are prevailing over the Indian Ocean. If these patterns do not change, we expect Indian monsoon 2020 to be ‘Normal’ (Rainfall 95% to 99%).

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Agridex– a simple way to trade in the commodities market

Launched on 26th May 2020, trading in the Agridex kicked off with a turnover equivalent to a robust 3.4% of the total turnover of the NCDEX and can be expected to pick up pace with time and participation.

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