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Navigating through clueless Atma Nirbhar markets

As compared to the historical readings, India’s Market Cap-To-GDP ratio of 55 appears cheap but India still remains one of the most expensive markets amongst BRICs.

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Corona-age investing: start ups, shut downs and reboots…

Corona inflicted economic slowdown might affect the risk-appetite of not just PE funds and institutional investors but it may also affect conventional creditors like banks and NBFCs.

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Back to square one: Roti, Kapda aur Makan


According to ILO, 40 crore Indians run a risk of getting trapped in a vicious circle of poverty due to a stringent 21-day lockdown followed by India to counter the coronavirus pandemic.

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Culture or Agriculture: What needs a bigger debate?

While there’s no dearth of analysts, experts and policy advisors demanding a special stimulus package for the industry to stave off a hard landing, agriculture is not even on the agenda.

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Tug-of-war on the Indian Rupee in the time of Corona Virus

Rupee rate

This nose-dive has occurred despite the fact that oil prices are at an all time low. However, while the CAD has been pulling the rupee value upwards, there have been various other heavy-weights that have been dragging the Rupee down.

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Decoding Coronomics

Corona is as much a natural calamity, as it’s an economic calamity caused by poor handling of economic problems.

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