India’s Online Streaming Infatuation Is Taking Over Its Love For Cinema

In two years, digital entertainment in India will be bigger than the world’s largest film industry. That’s because more and more Indians are logging on to services like YouTube, Hotstar and Netflix on smartphones, according to a recent joint report by EY India and FICCI on the media and entertainment sector. Revenue from films is…

Why Japan has the most old companies in the world

  KYOTO, Japan (AP) — Successful businesses shine for a few years, then nimbler competitors outwit them in a constant cycle that spans being feted to forgotten in less than a generation. But Japan has something different: thousands of companies that have prospered for centuries. Japan has more old companies than any other developed nation….

A vicious new Android bug can make calls, send messages, and take photos all while your phone is ‘off’

  A sinister new bug hitting Android devices is capable of making calls, sending messages, and taking pictures, all while the phone appears to be off. According to a report from the security research firm (and anti-malware software publisher) AVG, the malware—called PowerOffHijack—presents a fake dialogue box that prompts the user to shut down when the power button…

6 tech trends for 2015 that will change our future

  Technology and innovation can be frustrating to watch in action. That’s because there usually isn’t much action — just incremental change with occasional flashes of brilliance. But the only way to truly understand what’s happening and why is to keep watching. Breakthroughs from years ago are finally leading to real products and services today….

Mortgage Jobs Sent to India by U.S. Banks.

As U.S. banks struggle to maintain margins amid growing regulatory demands, some of them have started to outsource part of the onerous work involved in servicing mortgages and processing foreclosures to India’s major technology companies. The move is creating a new revenue stream for such Indian outsourcing firms as Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. and Wipro Ltd. at a time when many…