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Stay away from the virus, not IPOs!


Considering the recent experience, even if you get an IPO allotment only once in a while you can still make a good deal of money on listing.

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Applying for an IPO? One lot is a lot!

We have seen a peculiar trend—investors tend to make an application with the maximum lot size, thinking that the more they apply, the higher will be their chance. But that, unfortunately, may not be an intelligent decision when you are applying in the retail category.

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Metropolis Healthcare Limited: In the Pink of Health…

IPO of Metropolis Healthcare

In FY18, Metropolis conducted approximately 16 million tests from approximately 7.7 million patient visits.

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Invest in IPOs— Intrinsically Prudent Offers—to make money


If you bet on the right IPOs, they reward you handsomely. Should you invest in the wrong ones, you would end up burning your fingers.

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