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Are millennials more jugaadu than baby boomers in money matters?


Thankfully, many millennials understand the importance of financial discipline. Unlike the previous generations, millennials aren’t shy of discussing their incomes with their advisors. They don’t mind seeking professional help in planning their finances.

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Risk Tolerance: The 3rd dimension to investments

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Always remember the difference between the terms – ‘risk capacity’ and ‘risk tolerance/appetite’. The former is your ability to bear a certain amount of financial losses without disrupting your lifetime spending needs and financial objectives while the latter is your emotional capacity to bear losses without panicking.

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DigiLockers – a Solution to KYC Documentation Woes and more?

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Over the past couple of years, banks, mutual funds, stock brokers and even insurance companies had begun on-boarding new customers or selling products using Aadhaar-based electronic KYC, in formats approved by their respective regulators.

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