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Bull market enters a difficult phase; how should you position your portfolio?

Quant Mutual Fund

Irrespective of the market trend, smart investors neither throw caution to the wind nor do they get butterflies in their stomach. How do they manage this? We caught up with Sandeep Tandon, Director and CEO, Quant Mutual Fund recently to find out the answer.

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Mutual Funds take advantage of the IPO season

In the last one year, a whopping 1051 schemes have applied for IPOs, of which only 582 schemes are currently holding on to those IPOs’ shares.

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In conversation with Raj Mehta, Fund Manager, PPFAS Mutual Fund

Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund plays various overarching themes through just one scheme, making it one of the most comprehensive yet rewarding offerings.

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Can Pharma Funds continue their dream run in future?

The macro-economic risk in the pharma sector is comparatively lower than other sectors. This is because irrespective of how macroeconomic variables – interest rate, GDP and inflation – move, the need for medication and healthcare services is unaffected.

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Nippon India Pharma Fund: On a firm footing

Nippon India Pharma Fund appears well-positioned to take advantage of the under penetration of pharmaceuticals and healthcare services in India and other emerging markets. The fund’s penchant for companies catering to specialty businesses in the developed markets might prove handsomely rewarding in the long run.

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What’s your excuse for not investing in global equity markets?


Investing in overseas markets helps you hold assets denominated in foreign currencies which, in a way, offers you a hedge against the potential weakness in the Rupee.

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