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In conversation with Shridatta Bhandwaldar

We recently caught up with Shridatta Bhandwaldar, head of equities at Canara Robeco Mutual Fund, to understand his thoughts on the current market set up and the broad brush investment strategy of the fund house in today’s context.

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Should you invest in New Fund Offers or Go with Existing Funds?

Today, most investors are uncertain about whether the market has reached its peak or not. To reduce this risk, investors could consider the NFO route so that it will decrease the risk of a market correction on their portfolio.

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Are markets overheated? Vinit Sambre of DSP Mutual Fund offers an elaborated perspective

We began our discussion with Vinit Sambre of DSP Mtuual Fund by asking him about market fundamentals vis-à-vis the liquidity position, to which he offered an elaborated and interesting perspective. Read on…

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Finally, value funds are outdoing the markets!

Value Funds

Momentum feeds momentum and investing in value is like catching a falling knife: the chorus was getting louder until recently. However, the scenario changed quite dramatically over the last 1-2 months. Value as a theme has beaten the broader markets with S&P BSE Enhanced Value Index galloping through. Some experts aren’t much enthused about the comeback of the value theme

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Are Credit Risk Funds still a risk worthy investment?

In the current turmoil, it is very tough to predict when the credit environment will become stable. Therefore, a lay investor should not invest in this category for at least the next 6 months. They should look at this category only when the economic condition becomes more favourable.

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Is it time now to move out of liquid funds?

Liquid funds have always been considered an excellent option to park contingency funds as they provide requisite safety and liquidity to investments. But things have changed and the returns from liquid funds have fallen significantly.

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