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Step up your SIPs to stay ahead

Systematic Investment Plans

Step up SIP involves“stepping up” i.e., increasing your SIP along with an increase in your disposable surplus, effortlessly and automatically.

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SWP v/s Dividend: Which is the better option to invest in hybrid funds?

Hybrid funds

Now that the going has gotten tougher in the markets, many fund houses are finding it challenging to pay regular dividends.

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Are past returns relevant for mutual fund investors?

money market mutual funds,best mutual funds

With Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) introducing Categorisation and Rationalisation norms, past performance of mutual funds won’t give you any guidance about their potential.

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Are mutual funds for the long term? Not always!

best mutual funds to invest,what is mutual fund,best mutual funds to invest in for long term,best investment funds,growth stock mutual funds

Mutual funds are only for long term. Many investors treat this myth as gospel truth. The fact is depending on your time horizon and risk appetite you can plan even your short-term goals with mutual funds.

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Indian Women are Natural Savers and could be Excellent Investors

stock market,stock exchange,best stocks to buy

Today, women in India are more independent and self-sufficient than in the past. They have shattered all barriers and broken free from the tangles of the erstwhile male-dominated Indian society, seemingly outpacing men in every aspect but one – INVESTMENTS.

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What’s your excuse to discontinue SIP?

sip investment,systematic investment plan

Do you know why many investors miss their goals so miserably? There are mainly three reasons: Lack of discipline Lack of awareness about financial matters and investment products Lack of patience Wealth accumulation happens only when you invest regularly, choose right investment avenues and have patience until your investments bear fruits. Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) offered by mutual funds can

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