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Gaps: technical analysis indicator to power your trade

Gaps represent surprise—positive or negative, depending on the type of gap. They represent a sudden rise or fall in investor interest, followed by price action of an index/stock.

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PSU stocks: Dumb ducklings or super bargains

PSU Stocks

Out of 57 BSE PSU stocks, 26 have lost more than 80% from their all-time high—too much?
And that’s why it’s so crucial to see if the fall is justified or markets are overreacting, as they do on many occasions.

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Markets go bottomless and investors clueless

Everybody’s sailing in the same boat through hot waters, and unfortunately, there’s no shore in sight. And, like that of a mysterious ocean, the bottom of this market seems unfathomable at present.

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How to bear with the bears of Dalal Street

Companies reporting impressive growth in an otherwise dull and boring business environment can generate stupendous returns.

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Will India attract higher investments from Sovereign Funds?

Sovereign Wealth Funds

What can investors and government learn from Sovereign Funds.

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SBI Cards IPO: Do Indians need credit cards?

Is this trend of credit-based consumption here to stay? Certainly looks like it will. Some estimates suggest that the volume of credit card spends alone is expected to reach Rs 15 trillion by FY24.

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