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Will the combination of PLI and FTAs make Indian ports attractive bets?

Production-Linked Incentive Scheme

India is also repositioning itself as a major manufacturing hub. The government seems to have devised a two-prong strategy to promote manufacturing growth in India—launching Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes and inking Free-Trade-Agreements (FTAs) with major nations and trade blocks.

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Orient Electric: Cool stock to watch out for in a hot market?

Star Rating

Now that only the star-rated ceiling fans will be sold in India from January 01, 2022 onwards, as things stand today, companies such as Orient Electric are likely to benefit.

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Minda Corporation: In a sweet spot to capitalize on EV disruptions?

Many auto ancillary companies are available at attractive valuations. But before you buy any of them thinking they’re cheap, make sure you aren’t investing in a company that predominantly caters to component needs of ICE vehicles.

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The Secret of picking attractive stocks when markets are at all-time highs

Companies generating high FCFE yields are likely to remain in the limelight and attract investors’ attention as long as the interest rates remain low and cash flows grow at a decent pace.

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Want to generate returns like a professional investor? You can’t make these mistakes…

Penny Stocks

Do you invest in low-priced stocks believing they are cheap? This assumption can prove costly. Similarly, investing in beaten down stocks that enjoyed immense following in the past may just be like flogging a dead horse.

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Why is the US infrastructure deal so important? How will it affect Indian investors?

Infrastructure investments by the US government may open up new growth opportunities for India’s IT sector. Yes, you read it right! Moreover, the potential spending by the US government on social programs might help companies exporting, pharmaceuticals, home improvement and other consumer products to the US.

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