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Are H2O2 manufacturers sensing a good run ahead?


With India announcing new textile parks and planning to accelerate the development of a full-scale research-driven biotechnology industry, the demand for H2O2 is likely to increase.

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Is biotech the new high-tech?


Scientific research in strategically important areas such as medicine, healthcare, energy and agriculture to name a few is now being perceived crucial in maintaining a country’s economic competence and societal cohesion.

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Aditya Birla mutual fund to go public, here’s what you should know

Mutual Funds

At 9% of its AUM, ABSLAMC could be valued at ~Rs 24,200 crore and Rs ~26,900, at 10%. Assuming that the company won’t issue any fresh shares and its paid-up equity capital is going to remain 28.8 crore shares of Rs 5 each, the IPO price could be in the range of Rs 840 to Rs 930.

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Will Indian IT companies continue to outpace expectations?

Markets have lots of expectations from IT companies in Q4FY21 and beyond. It’s difficult to estimate how much of the good news is already in prices.

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Should you buy shares that are trading below their buyback price?

Investors often demonstrate a tendency to buy shares that trade at a discount to their buyback price. True, buybacks allow price discovery to some extent but following this strategy in isolation may prove risky at times.

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NMDC: Basking in the spotlight as iron ore demand thrives

Considering the annualized 9MFY21 EPS of Rs 15, NMDC is currently available at the Price-to-Earnings multiple of 9 and Price-to-Book (PB) multiple of 1.4. The company has a net worth of Rs 28, 885 crore and has a decent track record of dividend payouts.

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