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Responsible food habits: a way to deal with climatic changes?


What started in the city of Wuhan and at its live markets might shape future trends in food consumption and peoples’ preferences of sources of nutrition. Will people turn more flexitarian—mostly vegetarian and eating meat occasionally, going forward?

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What’s in store for biscuit manufacturers post pandemic?

Don’t you think as the vaccination drive gathers further momentum, the unlocking of the economy will become more durable? This might be a positive for biscuit manufacturers.

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What’s brewing for Tata Coffee?

Tata Coffee isn’t just a plantation company; it has a strong presence across the value chain of coffee. It has been working on product premiumization and improving consumer experience. The current strength in coffee prices has offered tailwinds to Tata Coffee.

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How is COVID-19 shaping up the future healthcare spending?


Chronic diseases can no more be treated just like lifestyle diseases that can be looked after by medicines.

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Are H2O2 manufacturers sensing a good run ahead?


With India announcing new textile parks and planning to accelerate the development of a full-scale research-driven biotechnology industry, the demand for H2O2 is likely to increase.

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Is biotech the new high-tech?


Scientific research in strategically important areas such as medicine, healthcare, energy and agriculture to name a few is now being perceived crucial in maintaining a country’s economic competence and societal cohesion.

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