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The whole thing is that ke bhaiya there’s no bluff about rupaiya

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Some of the findings surprised us, others amused us and the entire exercise just led us to believe that while happiness in various forms is certainly important, money matters…a lot… Kyonki Bhaiya Sabse Bada Rupaiya?

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No more rude shocks by crude: can Indian equities rally?

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Lowering the output isn’t an easy decision for OPEC and its allies. To add to the worries of the world’s biggest oil cartel, U.S. President Donald Trump too doesn’t support the idea of higher oil prices.

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More Jobs Were Created In September 2018 But Is It Too Early To Celebrate?

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According to a World Bank Report, India must generate 8.1 million new jobs annually to maintain its employment rate.

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A glimpse of Diwali celebration at Ventura!


Food. Fun. Family. Here’s a glimpse of Diwali celebration at Ventura!

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Who are you – An investor or a quasi-investor?

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“The equity markets are in a free fall. Stock valuations are dropping limitlessly. I can wait no more. Let me exit before it falls any further.” Do these thoughts resonate with you? Is your faith in your investments shaking? Do you really feel that it’s now or never? If your answer is ‘Yes!’, hold on! Else, you might cross the

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Fixed cost is better than variable cost brokerage

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Is Fixed cost brokerage (discount brokerage) more cost effective than variable cost brokerage? It’s a myth! Let’s say Dhanibhai charges you 0.01%* on purchase and 0%* on sale, in an intra-day transaction. Then there’s Moneybhai, the discount broker, who charges you Rs 20* on each leg of an intra-day transaction – buy and sell, irrespective of the volume of that

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