Silver starts to sparkle


Over the past two months, Comex Silver rallied more than 11%, mainly supported by the fed interest rate cut, geopolitical tensions and a slowdown in the global economy. This and other indicators lead us to believe that silver is going to outperform in the coming months.

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Should the promoter’s percentage of pledged shares impact your buy or sell decision?

Pledging of shares

SEBI’s intervention by asking promoters to disclose the reason for pledging is very positive, as it would enable investors to make more informed decisions. Also, it will require promoters to be more disciplined in their investment decisions.

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Taking stock of the Coffee Day Enterprises trail


CDNRPL is promoted by V G Siddhartha, the promoter of Café Coffee Day Group and he has 99.99% shareholding in the Company. The Company does not have any operations currently and is primarily involved in raising funds and supporting other group entities.

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Making stop-loss your safety alarm in the markets


A stop-loss can be used to put a stop to potential losses that investors or traders face on a position in stocks by allowing them to specify certain pre-defined price at which they may close their position.

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Are you a GenY or a GenX at heart?

Financial Personality

On the face of it, GenX and GenY seem like very different animals. Their approach to life, money habits et al. We want to know if that’s really so true…

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Investing in SIP is a Marathon not a Sprint


Investors should consider the average holding period and not the start date of their investment to determine the holding tenure.

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