Pharma sector revived in 2020; will it flourish in 2021?

Being on the right side of manufacturing compliance is the key for Indian pharma companies. A complex product portfolio and cost effectiveness would matter too. But potential drug discoveries may have a joker-in-the-pack effect.

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Should you say Goodbye 2020 with GoodKnight?

Godrej Consumer Product

The year 2020 will go down in history as the black year with a silver lining. A tiny little virus held the entire world to ransom! Fever caused fear like never before. Consequently, the demand for hand sanitizers (like that for risk assets) witnessed almost a vertical jump. In 2019, sanitizer penetration in India was merely 1%. It increased to

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Are markets overheated? Vinit Sambre of DSP Mutual Fund offers an elaborated perspective

We began our discussion with Vinit Sambre of DSP Mtuual Fund by asking him about market fundamentals vis-à-vis the liquidity position, to which he offered an elaborated and interesting perspective. Read on…

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Maithan Alloys: inexpensive, unleveraged, expanding

Some experts believe, steel prices have run ahead of their fundamentals but others believe there’s more steam left. Instead of getting into predicting which camp may prove right, we decided to scout for companies that aren’t much affected by the price volatility in steel but may benefit if the sector does well. We came across one such company, Kolkata-based Maithan Alloys.

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Finally, value funds are outdoing the markets!

Value Funds

Momentum feeds momentum and investing in value is like catching a falling knife: the chorus was getting louder until recently. However, the scenario changed quite dramatically over the last 1-2 months. Value as a theme has beaten the broader markets with S&P BSE Enhanced Value Index galloping through. Some experts aren’t much enthused about the comeback of the value theme

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Asahi Songwon Colors: Dhai Akshar paint ke

Pigments, Colours

At present, the AZO pigments business is dominated by China. However, as global players are looking to cut back their reliance on China, India has a great opportunity to grab market share. Asahi Songwon Colors could be a major beneficiary of this trend.

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