Making sense of market madness


Preserving capital and buying-on-dips is the key to making alpha. The value theme appears more attractive than growth at this juncture.

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Decoding the world’s love-hate relationship with China

Bond Yields

China plus one is one of the most popular themes amongst investors in India of late. It is based on the assumption that as the major economies diversify their supply chains away from China, India may become their preferred destination.

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Cryptos: future currencies or currencies with no future?

Crypto Currency

The present market cap of cryptos suggests that supporting global trade and transactional needs of the global economy is a herculean task for them.

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Index Investing: How effective are equal weight strategies?


If you prefer to follow the equal weighting strategy, you must understand the underlying indices and their overall representation very well.

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In Conversation with Taher Badshah

Invesco Mutual Funds

Are you wondering why markets are unmoved by the second wave? To decode this rather mysterious market stoicism, we recently caught up a market veteran Taher Badshah, Director and CIO (equities), Invesco Mutual Fund.

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When gloomy skies mean good times ahead…


This year, two oceanic parameters – El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) – seem all set to favourably influence the Indian monsoon 2021.

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