Are Indian Markets Disconnected from the Indian Economy?

Doesn’t it sound odd that when the unemployment data and GDP data are utterly distressful, India’s largest conglomerate (measured by market cap) surmounts the psychological mark of Rs 10 lakh crore in market cap?

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9 ways to protect yourself while investing in equity

buying and selling stocks

Equity still remains one of the best ways to create wealth, passively – i.e., without contributing either your time or efforts on an ongoing basis to building that wealth.

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Investing in IPOs: the simple, effective way to buy stocks


Despite the market volatility during the year, which gave many investors sleepless nights, many IPOs issued during the year put up a spectacular performance on listing and beyond.

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Recent revisions in Liquid Fund norms to minimize credit and liquidity risk

Since the size of the liquid funds category is so huge, market regulator SEBI constantly monitors this category and ensures that investors are adequately protected through the revision of existing rules, where necessary.

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Interesting Investment options for NRIs in India

NRI remittance

NRI’s today are spoiled for choice with a host of interesting investment options within the country.

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Dazzling future of the Natural Gas Sector in India and happy days ahead for companies in its orbit

Natural Gas Sector

Indian companies involved directly or indirectly in the upcoming gas stories have performed significantly well over the past 1 year and reported moderate to strong sets of financials. If these companies could grow their financials without any key drivers, then imagine the growth, with key drivers in the years ahead!

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