Are you a GenY or a GenX at heart?

Financial Personality

On the face of it, GenX and GenY seem like very different animals. Their approach to life, money habits et al. We want to know if that’s really so true…

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Investing in SIP is a Marathon not a Sprint


Investors should consider the average holding period and not the start date of their investment to determine the holding tenure.

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Interesting stories behind rising bank credit numbers

bank credit rising.

While Services, Personal Loans and Infrastructure enjoyed augmented bank credit, Industrial, Priority Sector and Agriculture reported a significant fall in their respective shares in gross bank credit.

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Does a higher mutual fund AUM mean higher returns? Breaking the myth

Mutual Fund.

Different funds behave differently as they start becoming bigger. Whether the size expansion comes across as an opportunity or a limitation depends on various factors, including the fund manager’s expertise, the type of scheme, investment objective, market condition, cash holdings, liquidity, investment strategy, trading volumes, etc.

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How will the interoperability of clearing corporations affect traders?

Clearing Corporation

Traders will have a convenience of their position on an intraday basis without bothering about which exchange they have bought or sold at the time of closing the trade.

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