Mutual Funds


Blue-chips and Large-caps are the equivalent of Gold in the Stock market

Despite this seemingly volatile appearance of the overall market, there’s something for every investor. Your choice of stock should be based on how cautious or aggressive your investment style is. And, it would also depend on how long your investment time frame is.

Arbitrage Funds

Arbitrage Funds: A Good Short Term Investment in Volatile Markets

Arbitrage or arbitraging involves buying and selling the same security in different markets to benefit from the opportunity that arises from the mispricing of the security. Generally, equity arbitrage is done by buying in the cash market and selling the same security in the futures market.

side pocketing

What is Side Pocketing and how does it work?

One of the main reasons for side pocketing is to preempt panic amongst unitholders when an instrument which forms part of their fund defaults or gets downgraded. It also makes sure that all is fair and square and unitholders get their due.

top 10 sectors of large cap companies

The Dance of the Market Cap Segments

Large cap stocks have seen the highest growth in terms of market cap, midcap stocks have remained more or less flat. There was a sharp decline of Rs. 1.2 lac crores in the market cap of small cap companies in the last 18months.

Stock Gyaan

40K on the Sensex! Is it time to consider midcaps now?

BSE Midcap is still down 19% from its all-time high made in January 2018. But surprisingly, as many as 32 of the 103 index constituents are trading above their January 2018 highs. Are these companies going to take a leadership position in the rally?

Q2 FY20 results

How should investors track corporate results?

Markets are driven by sentiments in the short run, but in the long run, factors such as governance, revenue growth and profitability drive stock prices. One size doesn’t fit all. You can’t simply go by the top line and bottom line growth in percentage term. Different industries grow at different paces. Besides, there are industry specific factors to watch out for.

futures market

Trade based on how you expect the stock market to move

The good thing about trading in the futures market is that you do not have to block the entire value of your trade; you have to put up only the margin amount, which is a percentage of the trade stipulated by the exchange. The exchange changes this percentage on a daily basis, based on algorithms that take into account various variables including variation in price, etc.

result season

How should you approach markets this result season?

Like the oceans push out all dirt to the shores during the high tides, news-driven market rallies send even the fundamentally weakest stocks through the roof. But once the excitement in the news is absorbed, markets come to terms with reality.