Mutual Funds

Top 10 tax-saving investment options under section 80C

Irrespective of how simplified our tax regime has become over the years, many individual taxpayers still get butterflies while handling income tax matters. Are you one of them? The best way to deal with tax issues more effectively is to plan them well in advance. Here are the top 10 tax-saving options under section 80C.

FD VS Mutual Funds

Fixed Deposits vs. Mutual Funds which is better?

In this article we have juxtaposed two popular investment avenues to see which is better fixed deposit or mutual fund. Moreover, we have touched upon their basic attributes, advantages and limitations.

Stock Gyaan

Categorisation of stocks

What are the different categories of stocks?

Stocks can be placed in different categories depending on their size, ownership pattern, voting rights and fundamental attributes amongst others. Are you wondering which stock categories might be suitable for your portfolio? Read this article to know more.

Buying the DIP

What is buying the dip?

Buying the dip is a strategy offering some obvious benefits but it may also expose investors to some potential dangers. This article explains with examples what it means to buy the dip and when it may and may not work.