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Should you invest in Asset Management Companies?

  • 7mins read

India’s Assets under Management (AUM) to GDP ratio is merely 12% vis-à-vis the global average of 55%. With growing awareness and financialization of savings, Asset Management Companies (AMCs) might capture a greater piece of the retail savings pie in future.

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Recent revisions in Liquid Fund norms to minimize credit and liquidity risk

  • 3mins read

Since the size of the liquid funds category is so huge, market regulator SEBI constantly monitors this category and ensures that investors are adequately protected through the revision of existing rules, where necessary.

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Does a higher mutual fund AUM mean higher returns? Breaking the myth

Mutual Fund.
  • 6mins read

Different funds behave differently as they start becoming bigger. Whether the size expansion comes across as an opportunity or a limitation depends on various factors, including the fund manager’s expertise, the type of scheme, investment objective, market condition, cash holdings, liquidity, investment strategy, trading volumes, etc.

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Credit risk funds: risking too much for too little?

Credit Risk Funds
  • 5mins read

Amongst various categories of debt funds, credit risk funds is the only category that overtly spells out the risk it exposes investors to. Nonetheless, investors trust fund managers (perhaps blindly) for their skills, wisdom and integrity.

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