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Blue Star: Conditioned well to the market conditions?

Blue Star
  • 6mins read

On FY20 earnings, Blue Star trades at the Price-to-Earnings (P/E) multiple of ~61. The P/E ratio drops marginally to ~59 at annualized Q3FY21 earnings. By no means is this valuation cheap. However, the valuations have been high for quite a few businesses that represent a huge untapped market.

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Bird’s eye view of India Inc.’s performance in Q1 2020

  • 3mins read

With 493 of the BSE 500 companies having shared their results till date, we’ve done a quick review of how the corporate sector has fared. A look at the big picture reveals that the overall universe of companies has managed to grow its revenue by 7.4% YoY, while the overall EBITDA grew at a YoY rate of 4.6%

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