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How is COVID-19 shaping up the future healthcare spending?


Chronic diseases can no more be treated just like lifestyle diseases that can be looked after by medicines.

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Pharma sector revived in 2020; will it flourish in 2021?

Being on the right side of manufacturing compliance is the key for Indian pharma companies. A complex product portfolio and cost effectiveness would matter too. But potential drug discoveries may have a joker-in-the-pack effect.

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Mangalam Organics: can it do sabka mangal?

Mangalam Organics

Besides unlocking the value of intermediates, Mangalam Organics has been in the process of
improving the quality of camphor. The company has two retail brands—Mangalam and CamPure.

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Secrets revealed: Identifying pharma stocks for the post-COVID world

Some pharma companies are gearing up to achieve new-highs through intelligent selection of product portfolio, markets and marketing preferences. They are walking the tight-rope on cost management.

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Do you have any distressed company in your portfolio?


COVID-19 might have affected good companies temporarily. But it has possibly opened the Pandora Box. You should carefully monitor Q2FY21 numbers of listed companies to know which companies are facing difficulties.

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Cherry-picking midcaps in the earnings season…

Price performance of stocks post-earnings will tell you how close the results were to the market expectations. Unless companies that witnessed an impressive growth in Q4FY20 perform miserably and give a negative outlook, markets might prefer to look beyond Q2 and Q3 in their case.

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