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Tug-of-war on the Indian Rupee in the time of Corona Virus

Rupee rate

This nose-dive has occurred despite the fact that oil prices are at an all time low. However, while the CAD has been pulling the rupee value upwards, there have been various other heavy-weights that have been dragging the Rupee down.

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What’s driving gold prices down in a time of crises?

A variety of factors came together to drive the price of gold down with such a vengeance. We take a quick look at each of these and how they can be expected to pan out. Then we offer a technical outlook for the near future.

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Will the copper price rally continue in 2020?

copper price

Since China consumes half the world’s copper, any discussion around the fortunes of this metal will tend to pay significant attention to the state of the Chinese economy and its demand for copper.

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Euro Skids To A Four Month Low Of 1.2767 To Dollar.

Euro,Dollar,Dollar Index

The euro fell to a four-month low as the official response to the Cyprus crisis has undermined confidence. The Dollar Index is making fresh highs on this most recent move and is back to its June 2012 spike. A break above 84 will take the Dollar Index to a multi year high. The Dollar, it seems, is going through a

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