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Developments in housing may keep HDFC in the limelight!


HDFC has stated in its press release that the disbursals in Q2FY21 were 95% of that in Q2FY20. However, the rebound has been strong over the last two months.

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2 Minute SIP Challenge Liya Kya?

Are you opting for a housing loan? Simultaneously, you should start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in an equity mutual fund with just 0.2% of the housing loan amount.

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Use SIPs in equity Mutual Funds to lighten the burden of a housing loan

While paying your EMIs on a housing loan, stretch yourself a little and put 0.1% of the loan amount into an equity SIP and stay invested for the entire term of the housing loan. It could go a long way towards reducing or even eliminating the sizeable interest burden on the loan.

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