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Will markets feel the heat of global warming?

  • 3mins read

Equity investors often get precious cues from debt, currency and commodity markets. Keep an eye out for such macroeconomic signals. They might become a major deciding factor for thematic investing.

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Are you a long term investor? Don’t get scared by the inflation scare!

Rising inflation
  • 7mins read

Inflation is a macro-trend but it doesn’t affect all companies equally. Its impact on the profitability and market share of a company depends entirely on how well-prepared the company is to handle the situation.

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In conversation with Nilesh Shah

Budget 2021
  • 6mins read

Nilesh termed Budget 2021 and the vision it has laid for the next few years, a high-risk-high-return bet. If India executes well, then the Budget would deliver growth beyond FY22, if not, India may have to pay the price.

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Your survival guide for the era of negative real interest rates

Interest Rates
  • 8mins read

Flattening of the curve—a heartening sight. Flattening of wallets? Your expression sums it up! It seems, as much we need to learn to live with the virus, we must also brace ourselves to live with lower interest rates.

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Will Indian banks pass the COVID-stress test?

  • 5mins read

Banks will soon start announcing Q1FY21 results. While you analyze their performance this time, you need to pay attention to their growth preferences and fund raising plans, besides COVID-related provisioning.

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Feel no guilt with gilt funds…

Gilt Funds
  • 4mins read

Before you jump the gun and put your money in gilt funds it’s time to assess the potential of gilt funds more closely.

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