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Good News! Markets are down!

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Sounds quite weird right! The same news is music to your ears when you hear that there is a discount of 50% on Amazon or Flipkart. But the moment it is on the Exchange, there is a panic. The Nifty 50 is currently trading at 10,585 as on 9th November, 2018. It has fallen from its peak of 11,738 which

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Many Green Shoots visible in Q2FY2019 Results

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An analysis of the second quarter results for FY2019 has been very encouraging. We restricted our sample to the universe of companies constituting the NSE100 index. As of today, 81 out of 100 companies have declared their results. There has been a clear increase in sales across the board. At a consolidated level, the aggregate topline of all companies has

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Watch price and volume data for prospective stock opportunity

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In stocks that have been relatively dormant for a while, a sudden surge in volumes and/or prices could indicate emerging opportunities to track smart money trades. Usually, volumes are trend setters, indicating that there is some interest in the counter. Then, typically, price action is likely to follow, due to the pick-up in demand that drives the spiking in volume. Additionally,

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What’s your excuse to discontinue SIP?

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Do you know why many investors miss their goals so miserably? There are mainly three reasons: Lack of discipline Lack of awareness about financial matters and investment products Lack of patience Wealth accumulation happens only when you invest regularly, choose right investment avenues and have patience until your investments bear fruits. Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) offered by mutual funds can

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Who are you – An investor or a quasi-investor?

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“The equity markets are in a free fall. Stock valuations are dropping limitlessly. I can wait no more. Let me exit before it falls any further.” Do these thoughts resonate with you? Is your faith in your investments shaking? Do you really feel that it’s now or never? If your answer is ‘Yes!’, hold on! Else, you might cross the

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Fixed cost is better than variable cost brokerage

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Is Fixed cost brokerage (discount brokerage) more cost effective than variable cost brokerage? It’s a myth! Let’s say Dhanibhai charges you 0.01%* on purchase and 0%* on sale, in an intra-day transaction. Then there’s Moneybhai, the discount broker, who charges you Rs 20* on each leg of an intra-day transaction – buy and sell, irrespective of the volume of that

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