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7 things investors should learn from Ganesha…

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Lord Ganesha is known as Vighnaharta, the remover of obstacles. Accordingly, before beginning anything auspicious, he is the first to be worshipped. As we celebrate His festival, let’s try to adopt some of Lord Ganesha’s qualities to become more successful investors.

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Who’s making a fool of investors?

Safety measures should be taken by the investors

As an investor, everyday could be the 1st of April for you. Ventura Securities believes in the power of awareness. If you are aware, you can’t be fooled.

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Indian Women are Natural Savers and could be Excellent Investors

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Today, women in India are more independent and self-sufficient than in the past. They have shattered all barriers and broken free from the tangles of the erstwhile male-dominated Indian society, seemingly outpacing men in every aspect but one – INVESTMENTS.

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Who are you – An investor or a quasi-investor?

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“The equity markets are in a free fall. Stock valuations are dropping limitlessly. I can wait no more. Let me exit before it falls any further.” Do these thoughts resonate with you? Is your faith in your investments shaking? Do you really feel that it’s now or never? If your answer is ‘Yes!’, hold on! Else, you might cross the

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Fixed cost is better than variable cost brokerage

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Is Fixed cost brokerage (discount brokerage) more cost effective than variable cost brokerage? It’s a myth! Let’s say Dhanibhai charges you 0.01%* on purchase and 0%* on sale, in an intra-day transaction. Then there’s Moneybhai, the discount broker, who charges you Rs 20* on each leg of an intra-day transaction – buy and sell, irrespective of the volume of that

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Decoding debt funds for the investor.

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The last financial year was an unusual year for the Indian economy as corporate earnings fell, investments plunged, current account deficit widened and the GDP growth rate fell to a near decade low. Coupled with that concerns regarding inflation, currency movements and dismal government finances and uncertainty on the global front meant a poor show by the Indian economy. Given

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