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Which companies might be the beneficiaries of 11th round of CGD?

City Gas Distribution
  • 4mins read

India’s commitments on the climatic changes front might keep the natural gas sector in the limelight for the next few years.

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Stocks and Sectors that benefit from the Corporate Tax rate cut

Corporate Tax Cut
  • 5mins read

Now that India how has the most competitive taxation rates for new companies, amongst the Asian tigers, we can expect big investments over the next 3 years. We could also look forward to a major fillip in the manufacturing sector.

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Sri Lanka to seize part of IOC’s oil depot after UN vote

Indian Oil,indian oil corporation,indian oil share price
  • 2mins read

Sri Lanka today announced plans that it would partially take over a strategic oil storage depot in Trincomalee from the Indian Oil Company’s local arm after India voted in favour of a US-sponsored resolution against Colombo at the UNHRC. There had been unconfirmed reports in the local media that the government was eying the 99-tank storage facility in the north-eastern

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