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Are you vulnerable to fraud attacks? Here’s your safety kit

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  • 6mins read

If you are a stock market trader/investor, crooks might share with you unsolicited recommendations through SMS’ and make you do an outbound call at a fake number. If you contact them, you would open a can of worms for yourself.

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Are mutual funds for the long term? Not always!

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  • 2mins read

Mutual funds are only for long term. Many investors treat this myth as gospel truth. The fact is depending on your time horizon and risk appetite you can plan even your short-term goals with mutual funds.

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Benchmarking Mutual Fund Schemes to Total Return Index (TRI)

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  • 4mins read

While selecting any mutual fund for investment, how could we gauge if it is performing well or not? Globally, mutual funds are benchmarked against TRI as this gives a true indication of how well a fund is managed.

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RIL parks over Rs 800 crore cash in Anil-led Reliance Group MFs

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  • 3mins read

Flush with billions of dollars in cash, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries has parked more than Rs 800 crore in various mutual fund schemes of younger sibling Anil-led Reliance Group. Reliance Industries has made these investments, totalling over Rs 800 crore, mostly in the Fixed Maturity Plans and other debt schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund, market sources said. Reliance MF is

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