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Are low SIP returns bothering you?

SIP in Equity Mutual Funds should be like one-way traffic; neither should you take a U-turn and nor should you stop until you reach your destination.

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Blue-chips and Large-caps are the equivalent of Gold in the Stock market


Despite this seemingly volatile appearance of the overall market, there’s something for every investor. Your choice of stock should be based on how cautious or aggressive your investment style is. And, it would also depend on how long your investment time frame is.

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5 unique stocks mutual funds are buying

stock picking

Mutual funds invest in unique stocks with the hope that they will become multi-baggers someday. If you choose to buy unique stocks that have seen incremental buying by mutual funds, you should also pay attention to their weightages in the respective schemes.

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What is Side Pocketing and how does it work?

side pocketing

One of the main reasons for side pocketing is to preempt panic amongst unitholders when an instrument which forms part of their fund defaults or gets downgraded. It also makes sure that all is fair and square and unitholders get their due.

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Has weak governance played havoc with the Indian business environment? ~ K M Birla.

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  In an interview with Bloomberg TV India, Kumar Mangalam Birla used a personal example to highlight the difficulties of doing business at a time of policy confusion. The chairman of the Aditya Birla Group spoke about how one of his companies had begun work on a $2 billion investment project after a coal mine was allotted to it. But

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