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Has the popularity of mutual funds peaked already?

Mutual Funds
  • 4mins read

Trends suggest that attracting new investors during bear phases to mutual funds is still a tough job, as it’s been always. For inflows in equity mutual funds to be truly durable in nature, investors should turn more goal-oriented.

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Credit risk funds: risking too much for too little?

Credit Risk Funds
  • 5mins read

Amongst various categories of debt funds, credit risk funds is the only category that overtly spells out the risk it exposes investors to. Nonetheless, investors trust fund managers (perhaps blindly) for their skills, wisdom and integrity.

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SWP v/s Dividend: Which is the better option to invest in hybrid funds?

Hybrid funds
  • 4mins read

Now that the going has gotten tougher in the markets, many fund houses are finding it challenging to pay regular dividends.

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India Inc. to bond more with the bond market…

bond market
  • 3mins read

From April 1st, 2019, companies with at least Rs 100 crore of debt on their books and the credit rating of ‘AA’ or above will have to tap the bond market for satisfying at least 25% of their incremental long term borrowing needs.

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Are mutual funds for the long term? Not always!

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  • 2mins read

Mutual funds are only for long term. Many investors treat this myth as gospel truth. The fact is depending on your time horizon and risk appetite you can plan even your short-term goals with mutual funds.

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Are millennials more jugaadu than baby boomers in money matters?

  • 4mins read

Thankfully, many millennials understand the importance of financial discipline. Unlike the previous generations, millennials aren’t shy of discussing their incomes with their advisors. They don’t mind seeking professional help in planning their finances.

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