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Will Indian banks pass the COVID-stress test?

Banks will soon start announcing Q1FY21 results. While you analyze their performance this time, you need to pay attention to their growth preferences and fund raising plans, besides COVID-related provisioning.

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Corona-age investing: start ups, shut downs and reboots…

Corona inflicted economic slowdown might affect the risk-appetite of not just PE funds and institutional investors but it may also affect conventional creditors like banks and NBFCs.

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Don’t let coronomics spoil your dosanomics

fixed deposit

If you want to earn an extra buck in interest, without losing any sleep, you may consider some top-quality corporate fixed deposit options over the conventional bank FDs.

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Feel no guilt with gilt funds…

Gilt Funds

Before you jump the gun and put your money in gilt funds it’s time to assess the potential of gilt funds more closely.

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What’s behind the RBI’s rate cut?

RBI Repo rates , RBI, repo rate cut

A situation of sluggish business activity coupled with low inflation is a textbook scenario for interest rate cuts.

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