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SEBI caps multi caps!


Multi cap funds might have to sell off large caps worth Rs 38,904 crore and invest Rs 12,456 crore and Rs 26,449 crore, respectively, in mid and small cap companies.

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Recent revisions in Liquid Fund norms to minimize credit and liquidity risk

Since the size of the liquid funds category is so huge, market regulator SEBI constantly monitors this category and ensures that investors are adequately protected through the revision of existing rules, where necessary.

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Arbitrage Funds: A Good Short Term Investment in Volatile Markets

Arbitrage Funds

Arbitrage or arbitraging involves buying and selling the same security in different markets to benefit from the opportunity that arises from the mispricing of the security. Generally, equity arbitrage is done by buying in the cash market and selling the same security in the futures market.

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Evolution of Clearing & Settlement Systems in India

Clearing & Settlement

Thanks to technology and various supporting policy initiatives by SEBI and other regulatory bodies, today we have a sophisticated system in place that effortlessly supports the colossal increase in trading volumes.

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