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How’s the year 2022 likely to be for markets? Atrangi re…

Market Trends
  • 6mins read

Even after considering the recent correction, markets have come a long way from their pre-pandemic levels and 2022 could be a tricky and volatile year.

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Diwali = Laxmi Puja = Wealth Creation

  • 4mins read

Diwali has many mythological stories associated with it, the most popular being the celebration of Lord Ram’s return from his 14 years of exile. I am sure, we all can learn a lesson or two from this.

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7-steps to take control of your finances post pandemic

Emergency Funds
  • 5mins read

Discontinuing an SIP doesn’t leave any such immediate adverse impact on your finances. Nonetheless, it can be equally painful in the long term. When you discontinue an SIP, you potentially compromise on your retirement savings.

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Aditya Birla mutual fund to go public, here’s what you should know

Mutual Funds
  • 4mins read

At 9% of its AUM, ABSLAMC could be valued at ~Rs 24,200 crore and Rs ~26,900, at 10%. Assuming that the company won’t issue any fresh shares and its paid-up equity capital is going to remain 28.8 crore shares of Rs 5 each, the IPO price could be in the range of Rs 840 to Rs 930.

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Should you invest in Asset Management Companies?

  • 7mins read

India’s Assets under Management (AUM) to GDP ratio is merely 12% vis-à-vis the global average of 55%. With growing awareness and financialization of savings, Asset Management Companies (AMCs) might capture a greater piece of the retail savings pie in future.

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