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Will India attract higher investments from Sovereign Funds?

Sovereign Wealth Funds

What can investors and government learn from Sovereign Funds.

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Owning the “Best Stocks in the World” is just a click away

Going global can be great for your portfolio. It could help you to choose emerging and new market leaders with sustainable competitive advantages, irrespective of their regions and locations, thus accelerating your portfolio growth plus giving it stability through diversification.

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ITC’s pain is HUL’s gain


In Budget 2020, the government has increased its allocation to the Agriculture sector by 28.1% as compared to the revised FY20 estimates. Allocations to Rural development and transportation have gone up 1% and 7.2%, respectively. If all these factors translate into higher rural demand, some FMCG companies will gain an edge over others.

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Tax saving through Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) & Public Provident Fund (PPF)

If one can stay invested in PPF for 15 years, then why not consider investing in ELSS for a duration that is at least as long?

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