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No Margin? No trades from January 2020!

  • 3mins read

Do you often buy stocks on credit in the cash segment and pay for them after a week? This practice will soon become history.

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Can you benefit from Market Volatility using a simple, low risk derivative strategy?

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  • 5mins read

With this strategy, you do not have to time the market to benefit from it. All it takes is discipline to invest a small amount once a month over the long term.

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When Easy Overseas Loans Become An Easy Debt Trap…

debt consolidation,personal loans,debt consolidation loan
  • 3mins read

In the times of easy liquidity, many Indian companies borrowed from overseas sources to benefit from the near zero-interest rates thinking that they will continue to grow at astronomical rates permanently.

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SEBI’s Commodity Market Makeover makes it Deeper, Wider, Safer

commodity trading,commodity,,commodity prices
  • 4mins read

SEBI’s vision for the long run appears to be to pave the way for Indian commodity markets to become price-setters for at least some global commodities.

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Grasim Industries: One-time-loss or one-time-opportunity?

mutual fund companies,online investment,online stock trading
  • 2mins read

Grasim Industries posted a loss on account of a one-time exceptional item, owing to the merger of Vodafone India Ltd. with Idea Cellular Ltd. Was this what spooked the markets? Or was it the capital commitments that Grasim might have to honor in future bothering them?

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Watch price and volume data for prospective stock opportunity

stock market prices,stock market report
  • 1min read

In stocks that have been relatively dormant for a while, a sudden surge in volumes and/or prices could indicate emerging opportunities to track smart money trades. Usually, volumes are trend setters, indicating that there is some interest in the counter. Then, typically, price action is likely to follow, due to the pick-up in demand that drives the spiking in volume. Additionally,

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