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#VenturaBlog | FDs and MFs together can offer you immense diversification opportunities and thus can form a significant part of your portfolio of financial assets. They are never an alternative to each other.

#VenturaBlog | If you are new to F&O trading, it’s imperative for you to develop a basic understanding of calls and puts. Read this article to know more about what call and put options are along with their pay-offs.

#VenturaBlog | When you trade with limited capital and can buy only a certain number of stocks, trend analysis becomes extremely crucial. Read this article to know what trend analysis is and how you can go about it.

#StockTalkWithBKG | The stock discussed in this video could potentially be a beneficiary of budget announcements. The latest chart pattern formations in this stock suggest that a big upmove is on the cards. Buy now and on declines.