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#VenturaBlog | When markets start getting rid of excesses—excess valuations, excess liquidity, excess leverage, and so on…the most popular investments tend to suffer the most.

In the previous multi-year bull market of 2003-08, infrastructure companies had witnessed a parabolic rise during the market upswings but eventually they got battered, trapping the late entrants.

At present, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are hot investments. What will happen to them if the majority of governments decided to clamp down?

On this backdrop will gold make a strong comeback? Read on to know more….
#VenturaBlog | Markets across the world have witnessed sharp sell-offs ever since the news of Omicron, a new variant of coronavirus, has broken loose.

But don’t you think markets were just waiting for a profit-booking opportunity, given the parabolic rise from the March 2020 lows?

Will this free-fall continue or will markets recover as fast as they slipped? Most of us have a tendency to overreact to market swings.

This short article is for you if you are wondering whether you should take advantage of the market weakness to scoop up stocks or refrain from investing.
#VenturaBlog | With growing digitalization, new-age fintechs and leading banks have remarkably accelerated the loan approval and disbursal processes.

Convenience plays a major role, besides the rate of interest. But credit always acts as a double-edged sword.

How much should you borrow at max to avoid a debt trap? In the end we have an important message for you.

Read this article to know more:
#VenturaBlog | Renewables is a hot investment theme at present but does that make traditional fossil fuels redundant overnight? It’s crucial to see the unfolding trends in the right context.

And instead of getting stressed out with market corrections and random pullbacks, why not focus on sector and style rotations?

If the value theme picks up indeed, some old economy businesses are likely to enjoy the spotlight.

Let’s talk about one such company, Aegis Logistics, which could be a potential beneficiary of India’s energy transition plan.
#VenturaBlog | The season of year-end listicles will start in the next 8-10 days—5-stocks that became multibaggers in 2021, 5 hot stocks to buy in 2022, 5 best mutual funds to buy in 2022…just to give a few examples.

Frankly, nothing changes overnight when the calendar turns.

Still, if a New Year calls for a change of guard, perhaps it’s crucial to see which trends of 2021 might be losing steam and whether there are any new developments worth monitoring in the New Year?

Read this article to find out more…
#VenturaBlog | In a highly polarized world, neutrality is a goal.

Achieving carbon neutrality is indeed a vital goal for environmental sustenance.

And thus, instead of trying to find fault with ‘rich nations’ who are often held responsible for climate change; India is working on its ambitious green energy programme.

India generates 40% of its energy from renewable sources. The country aims to increase its contribution to 50% by 2030.

Read this article to know which companies might benefit from India’s green energy initiatives.
#VenturaBlog | MCX has a 92.6% share in India’s commodities futures market with 74.8 lakh unique client registrations. Despite having such a dominant market share, the stock drifted 23% lower from its October highs. Has this correction made MCX attractive? Read this article to know the answer.
#VenturaBlog | Electric Vehicle (EV) has been a popular investment theme for quite a while now.

Companies offering tech solutions to EV players, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and auto ancillary companies supplying to them amongst others, have been in the limelight.

On this backdrop, the lull in Hindustan Copper appears surprising.

Why has the rally in the red-hot metal stock fizzled out despite copper being one of the key metals for the potential success of the EV story? Is the future growth already in the prices?

Let’s find out.
#VenturaBlog | As you might have noticed, RBL Bank has come under tremendous pressure lately ever since the RBI has appointed an additional director at the bank’s board.

Various media reports also suggest that the bank has written off a loan worth Rs 300 crore in just 7 months of sanctioning it.

Following these developments, RBL Bank tanked 18% on December 27, 2021. Thereafter it hasn’t made any meaningful recovery so far.

Has such a massive fall made RBL Bank attractive or it’s a value trap? Let’s find out.
#VenturaBlog | Midcap IT stocks have significantly outperformed their largecap peers over the last 12-15 months. Is a similar trend likely to play out in midcap cement stocks over the next 12-15 months?

At present, the valuation differential between some frontline names and smaller cement companies is considerably high. Does that offer any advantage to midcap cement companies? Read this article to find out.
#VenturaBlog | In mid-November last year, we talked about a New Fund Offer (NFO)—Quant Value Fund. Recently, it has disclosed its first portfolio. Let’s see what it looks like.

Quant Value Fund has been showing immense faith in its high conviction calls.
#VenturaBlog | Phrases such as continuous compounders, evergreen stocks and multibagger companies often catch investors’ attention.

However, what really matters is how long you manage to hold the bluest of bluechips in your portfolio, especially when their stock market performance isn’t encouraging.

Take the example of Marcio. The stock is down 15% over the last 3 months and despite a strong recovery in the broader markets lately, Marico has remained lacklustre.

Where is it headed? Read this article to know more.