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#VenturaBlog | Green hydrogen is a hot topic of discussion these days.

Policymakers are serious about its role in their climate change commitments.

The prime minister of India launched the green hydrogen mission last year. In February this year, the government notified the green hydrogen policy.

But like electrolysis splits water into pure oxygen and hydrogen, deeper evaluation may tell us how much of H2O is O i.e. how much of Hydrogen is Hype and how big is the real Opportunity.

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#VenturaBlog | Indian stocks are valued in Indian Rupee and foreign ownership accounts for nearly 18%-20% of Indian markets. Hence, the value of INR against the US Dollar vastly affects stock market investors.

How should you position your portfolio when the rupee is falling? Read this article to know more…

#VenturaBlog | India is likely to become the third largest air passenger market by 2030. Yet, as measured by the Seat per Capita, India remains one of the most underpenetrated markets. This translates into significant headroom for growth. But how can stock investors cash in on the upward ride?

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#VenturaBlog | If India were to announce its national metal, what would it be according to you?

It had to be gold, don’t you think?

Nearly 75% of Indian households own gold in some form. Such has been the popularity of the precious yellow metal amongst Indians.

Recently, the government hiked the basic import duty on gold from 7.5% to 12.5% which will make gold expensive in India.

Do higher gold prices negatively affect gold consumption? And who benefits the most in the value chain—a hoarder of gold, a jeweller or a gold financing company? We decided to find out.