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Founded in 1994, Ventura is an omnichannel trading and investments platform with a network of branches, sub-brokers and digital channels.
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#VenturaBlog | Buying the dip is an attractive strategy as it can help you take advantage of price volatility—to buy low and sell high. However, what to buy on dips and what to give a miss is a crucial call. Read this article to know how to use this strategy effectively.

#StockTalkWithBKG | Smallcap pharma stock discussed in this video has been forming higher highs and higher lows formation on daily charts, supported by large volumes. Buy this stock now for 25% gains.

#StockTalkWithBKG | This smallcap paper manufacturing stock looks strong on daily charts. Recently, it has shown a pattern breakout which has been supported by large volumes. Buy now and on declines.

#StockTalkWithBKG | The stock discussed in this video is one of the fastest growing hospitality companies in India. Its weekly chart pattern and other technical indicators suggest that the stock may rally 20% from the recommended levels. Buy now and on declines.

#VenturaBlog | Traders prefer strong trends, but markets aren’t always so kind. If you are a momentum trader, here’re 4 tips to help you deal with jittery markets

#StockTalkWithBKG | The largecap hospital stock discussed in this video is an attractive BUY at this juncture. The weekly chart of this company has been showing a breakout pattern after a long consolidation. Indicators such as MACD and Demand-Index have turned positive, depicting pattern strength. BUY now and on declines.