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#VenturaBlog | At the recently concluded shareholder’s annual conference of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett mocked the entire investment thesis of cryptocurrencies; no holds barred, and refused to subscribe to the theory of greater fools.

But what’s dominating more, his age or experience? To make this conversation more comprehensive for Indian investors, we decided to evaluate whether age is just a number or it does affect our investment decisions.

#VenturaBlog | Whether you are a LIC policyholder or a retail investor, it’s likely that you might have already applied for the LIC IPO—India’s largest ever so far. But those who burned their fingers in large IPOs, floated near the market tops, are in a dilemma—to subscribe or not to subscribe: that is a question.

If you share this feeling, this article is exclusively for you.

#StockTalkWithBKG | Despite challenging macroeconomic environment, the chart pattern of this packaging stock appears extremely bullish. Check out how strong the momentum is and how far it can go from here onwards.

#VenturaBlog | The recently concluded IPO of Venus Pipes and Tubes got oversubscribed 16.3 times. Although the issue size of Rs 165 crore was tiny as compared to that of LIC IPO, the investor behaviour is slightly jarring.

On one hand, some well-established listed companies in the iron and steel pipes space have come under tremendous pressure during the recent market sell-off. On the other, the lure of quick listing gains still seems to be attracting investors to relatively new players.

We thought it would be a good idea to review the performance of Jindal SAW—once a market favourite, now a dud.

#VenturaBlog | Global and Indian markets have been yo-yoing nowadays and finding it difficult to break themselves free from the chilling clutches of the bears. But until recently, stock selection seemed like a popularity contest. And technology was the most popular theme, by far.

However, nothing is static in the markets. Several IT industry experts and stock market mavens now believe that the rising employee costs may hit the profit margins of tech companies.

How big the problem of rising employee costs is for IT companies?
This week we thought of doing a quick review of the technology sector—a blue-eyed boy of gen-Z investors.

VenturaBlog | What’s common between India suddenly abandoning wheat exports and Indonesia changing its palm oil export policy twice in a matter of three weeks? Nation-first approach?

Well, addressing global concerns and concurrently pacifying domestic markets by maintaining price stability has become a herculean task for governments across the globe.

The top two producers—Indonesia and Malaysia—control 85% of the global palm oil production. Such a high dependency makes global supply chains vulnerable to periodic shocks and in the absence of affordable substitutes, replacing palm oil in global supply chains has become a challenge.

What are the key takeaways for investors? Let’s find out!

#VenturaBlog | Everything bubble! Is that theme finally unwinding?

Right now there’s a debate going on amongst market experts—whether we are in a bull market or in a bear market. And it extends to encompass topics such as, will the Nifty 50 form a bottom at 14,500 or will it go down further?

Well, don’t get confused, overwhelmed or intimidated by various experts participating in such conversations and sharing their viewpoints.

This article shares a simpleton approach to navigate through hot waters!

#VenturaBlog | ITC has tested investors’ patience for a long time. Nonetheless, it has massively outperformed the broader markets in the recent past. In this short article we have touched upon factors that bogged down ITC for years, besides highlighting the potential reasons for the on-going rally.

#VenturaBlog | Ever since Grasim has made an announcement of doubling its investment in the paint business to Rs 10,000 crore, stocks of existing paint companies have been on the edge. Can Grasim dethrone the incumbents?

Some experts are calling it a Jio moment of the paint industry. But Grasim hasn’t done any better either, over the past 7-8 months. Is it going to grab market share silently or start a price war?

How should you approach paint stocks now? Hopefully, this post clears the air!

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#VenturaBlog | Do you want to take advantage of falling markets? You should be ready with a basic list of stocks that you want to work with when markets crash. This article may help you make a watch-list like a pro investor!

LIC has declined 30% from its issue price. What has led to the failure of LIC IPO? Our research head recently interacted with the international media on the topic.


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#VenturaBlog | Not sure whether you should invest in gold at this juncture?

Well, if you mistakenly use quicklime (choona) instead of white butter (makkhan) as a bread-spread, you may suffer painful mouth burns.

Similarly, those who misunderstood cryptocurrencies for gold (about a year ago) might be feeling the same pain now.

Clearly, the writing on the wall is: gold still dominates as a safe haven asset! So far cryptos have failed to shield investors against inflation and policy actions of major central banks.